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Product no.: AR 2022-619

Subtitle: Glory and freedom have not yet died in Ukraine

Product no.: AR 2001-016

cheerful christmas medley: Let us be happy and cheerful, Come, O you shepherds, tomorrow children, just wait!

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Product no.: AR 2009-143

A gorgeous melody piece of music written by Sebastian Middel for wind orchestra

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Product no.: AR 2002-018

Energetic march, orginally composed for Schützenkapelle Bornheim

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Product no.: AR 2011-193

arranged for soprano, choir and wind orchestra

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Product no.: AR 2014-330[2]

Charles-Marie Widor's 5th Organ Symphony in F minor, Op. 42 No. 1 is his most famous organ symphony. Its last movement, a toccata, is one of the most famous works of organ music alongside Johann Sebastian Bach's Toccata and Fugue in D minor BWV 565

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Product no.: AR 2021-615
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Product no.: AR 2020-553


Finale Symphony No.9

Ode "An die Freude"/ European anthem
For large wind orchestra and choir (optional)


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Product no.: AR 2007-069

arranged for brass ensemble (without trumpet + alto trombone)

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Product no.: AR 2009-139
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Product no.: AR 2019-512
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Product no.: AR 2006-057

composed for brass ensemble on the occasion of the 15. international music festival in Bad Bramstedt (2006)

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Product no.: AR 2001-003

Concertmarch by Guido Rennert in the manner of John Williams with virtuosic piccolo solo.

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Product no.: AR 2007-066
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Product no.: AR 2012-235

arranged for soprano saxophone and solo trumpet. (Also playable with alto sax)

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Product no.: AR 2010-161
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Product no.: AR 2021-603

New version of the Stülpnagel March by Franz Kloss,

Hans Orterer only had an edition for piano for this arrangement.

We think that with this arrangement he perfectly staged the sound ideas of this time.

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Product no.: AR 2020-561

Commissioned composition by the Westerwald District Music Association for the 50th anniversary in 2021

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Product no.: AR 2016-434

from  "Wir sind das Volk! - Eine Freiheitssinfonie"  for wind orchestra and choir

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Product no.: AR 2011-201

The Official March of the International Military Music Society Commissioned by the Netherlands Branch IMMS

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Product no.: AR 2021-595
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Product no.: AR 2006-056

arranged for wind orchestra

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Product no.: AR 2010-152a

arranged for wind orchestra

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Product no.: AR 2002-028

One of the best known Christmas carols by Rolf Zuckowsky, arranged by Guido Rennert for concert band and opt. Children's Choir

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Product no.: AR 2013-314


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Product no.: AR 2020-552

Concertino for clarinet

Carl Maria von Weber (1726-1826) Op. 26

Arrangement: Robert Kuckertz

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Product no.: AR 2002-021

Best of "No Angels" arranged by Guido Rennert for wind orchestra, including: There must be an angel, Rivers of joy, Daylight in your eyes

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Product no.: AR 2013-317


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Product no.: AR 2014-320

german folksong

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31 - 60 of 102 results