Oswald Boelcke Marsch

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This march was to the 100th anniversary of the death of Captain Oswald Boelcke, 2016 on the initiative of the Tactical Air Force Squadron 31 "Boelcke"  by Guido Rennert.

Hauptmann Oswald Boelcke is the namesake of the domiciled in Cologne tradition squadron.

He was born on 19 May 1891 in Giebichenstein on the Saale as the son of a teacher. In 1914 he came as a lieutenant to Darmstadt pilot school and received after only six weeks of flight training his pilot's license. He developed air combat tactics which he recorded in writing "Dicta Boelcke" resigned. He is thus considered one of the fathers of air combat. but Boelcke was not only a gifted pilot who dominated masterfully covered with fabric, wood, but also a respected figure. So he found among his comrades flyer, as well as the enemy recognition. This proves the wreath, the British Royal Flying Corps threw together with a letter of condolence at the funeral in Cambrai after Oswald Boelcke with his squadmates Böhme crashed on 28 October 1916 in the air and was killed.

The spirit of Oswald Boelcke lives and is further carried with pride the Tactical Air Force Squadron 31 "Boelcke".

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Composer Guido Rennert
Music genre March
Difficulty level O
Playing time 2'32
Format DIN A4
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